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The Lash Lift is a semi-permanent procedure that curls your natural eyelashes, giving them more length and volume. Utilizing creams and silicone rods to lift your lashes and make them look fuller so that you no longer need daily lash curling. Lasting 6-8 weeks with no touch-ups in between, it’s the perfect solution for people looking for gorgeous lashes with minimal effort

We strongly recommend getting a Lash Lift over Lash Extensions. Lash Extensions can damage your natural lashes, are very high maintenance, and can cause lash fallout. In today’s busy lifestyle extensions can create more hassle than benefit.

Lash lifts, on the other hand, are low maintenance and effortless. One session gives you curled, natural-looking lashes for 6-8 weeks, perfect for all kinds of reasons and activities.

Show up mascara-less and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you currently have eyelash extensions and need them removed in preparation for a Lash Lift, it’s best to have them removed by a professional and let your lashes rest before getting a Lash Lift. If however, you don’t wish for a “wait period” Mai Lash Bar can add the gentle removal of your extensions.

With every new client our goal is to give you the look you want. Our Lash Experts analyze your lash length, curve, and eye shape to suggest the best lash style for your unique facial features. We’ll also walk you through various lash styles and curl shapes so that you can choose accordingly to get the perfect lashes for YOU.
Please refer to our Lash Style Spotlight to learn more.

Lash Lifts last up to 6-8 weeks, depending on the growth cycle of your natural lashes. When your mature lashes shed and new ones grow in, you will eventually need another lash lift for the new growth, which takes around 6-8 weeks. No in-between touch-ups are required.

The lifted shape of a Lash Lift takes 24 hours to settle completely. So, yes, after the initial 24-hour period you can wear any make-up you like. We do recommend only very light coats of mascara to avoid weighting down your Lash Lift.

We use only the best products on the market to provide a safe Lash Lift service that doesn’t harm your natural lashes. We utilize Japanese Keratin Lash Lifting products for our services.

P.S. Add a Deep Nourishing Treatment to your service for just $20!

We recommend keeping lashes properly moisturized as it extends the life of our Lash Lift services and will increase the health of your natural lashes.

Mai Lash Bar has created our Keratin Lash Conditioner infused with strength-building proteins that attach to the actual lash cuticle. Recommended to use it every night before bed, can also be used as clear conditioning mascara in the morning.

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The perfect addition to your daily lash care routine. Our nutrient-rich keratin conditioner hydrates lashes and stimulates growth. Also, the perfect antidote to reduce lash breakage and shedding our Keratin Lash Conditioner will help repair, maintain, and grow your lashes after a Lash Lift or Brow Lamination treatment.



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Receive $10 off your first Keratin Lash Lift at Mai Lash Bar
New clients can receive $10 off on their first Keratin Lash Lift! Book online and the discount will be applied at check out. (This special is not applicable to any other services.)
(Note: If you are currently wearing extensions from another salon, please book a removal with your appointment.)
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