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The Keratin Lash Lift is a new upgrade on traditional lash-curving treatments. Rather than just curve your eyelashes, this treatment actually gives them height, volume and the illusion of greater length and thickness. When used with our eyelash tinting service, clients have said it enhanced the color of their eyes, making colors more vibrant. The Keratin Lash Lift lasts for 6-12 weeks.

No preparation necessary, but for the most dramatic result, one can use an eyelash serum to grow the eyelashes as long as possible before coming in. However, due to the lifting power of Keratin Lash Lift, we can make lashes of any size appear significantly longer.

The treatment is very relaxing and enjoyable. The entire experience is comfortable and painless, and clients often doze off while MaiLash works her magic, only to wake up with voluminous, dark, long eyelashes! 


Gigi had always dreamed of making women and men feel divine, and of finding a service to provide to the gods to make them feel their very best. It was the luck of the gods by which she came upon lash curving (AKA the “Japanese Eyelash Perming”). This is the service that takes any woman or man from a 9 to a 10. Few things make someone look as ethereal as the perfectly curled, meticulously separated, dark-tinted works of art created at MaiLash.


So come in. If you’re ready to be a perfect 10, we are ready to take you there.


Yes, they’re my lashes.